Sana Asad


My Name is Sana Asad , I’m from Karachi/Pakistan.

I am currently living in Bahrain  with my Husband  and 4 children
I’m a Fashion Designer turn Art Educator
In 2010 I turned my passions of dress design  into Teaching and

I’m loving every minute of it.

I started creating my own Mixed Media Paintings in 2015  inspired by many artists.

I am a big fan of Walt Disney Brittney Lee, Marry Blair, and Japanese Manga Drawings.

I like creating Whimsical FACES with layers, I deeply believe that you paint what you need the most in your life. I consider myself a storyteller; only I use color instead of words.

 I LOVE to play with color and follow all the latest trends. I am continually looking for inspiration everywhere and finding ways to incorporate it into my style
As a Mixed Media Artist, I enjoy being creative with Paints, Inks, Pens, Markers etc

My paintings come on screen At ARTDIVANO GALLERY & BOUTIQUE Bahrain in 2016 and participated in a group exhibition organized by ArtDivano.

Participated in World Art Dubai 2018

Painting display at Hilton Hotel Dubai 2018

Want to Learn more about how I start teaching Art ?? CLICK AND LEARN MORE 

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