Born and brought up in Pakistan, as a child, I was always more interested in craft work and my mother would take me to different craft workshops in which I learned things like candle making, glass and silk painting, etc. I started off by doing my bachelor’s degree in Arts and then achieved a diploma in fashion designing.

Later, I started my career as a fashion designer in my home country but moved to Saudi Arabia with my family when my husband got a job offer. There, I went for a job interview for the position of an Art teacher at a school. I succeeded and started teaching Art to kids from Pre-K till Grade-8.

Four years later, we moved again, now to Bahrain. This time, instead of applying for another job, I started taking art classes at my home and different Art studio’s which started with a group of about only 3 to 4 students with class once a week. Now my art community (Wild About Art and Craft) has grown and I conduct about 4-6 classes a week with different age groups

After one year of taking art classes with kids, I also started doing Sip’n Paint sessions for adults in which they did canvas paintings with different mediums (like silk, glass and acrylic paints) based on seasonal themes.

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