Meet Sana

I started off my career as a fashion designer back in Pakistan but then turned my passion for design into teaching in 2010 when my family and I moved to Saudi Arabia. Four years later, we moved to Bahrain, and this time, instead of applying for another job, I started taking art classes at different art studios and started my own art community called Wild About Art and Craft. While working on lessons for my students I got the opportunity to explore different types of techniques, and forms of art. Soon after that, I started creating my own mixed-media paintings which are inspired by many other artists. I’m a huge fan of Walt Disney, Brittney Lee, Marry Blair and many more.

My paintings are not restricted to any specific medium, technique, or subject. Instead, I love to play with bright and bold colors, follow the latest trends, and incorporate many styles in one (which I personally believe is the beauty of mixed media paintings as they weave different elements of art into a lovely masterpiece). I love trying something new, and recently, I started integrating Arabic calligraphy in my paintings using stencils with flourishes in my own handwriting. Some of the mediums that I almost always use include acrylics, oil pastels, chalks, inks, watercolors, spray paints and tools for adding texture. With my own work, I build a base and then continue adding layers with whatever feels good until I’m satisfied. Most of my paintings are layers upon layers of color and texture piled onto each other to add depth and definition.

I draw inspiration from diverse cultures and folk art from all around the world and allow myself to paint freely, with no restrictions as I profoundly believe that you paint what you need the most in your life. I consider myself a storyteller, only I use color instead of words. I adore portraying feminine beauty and women in different roles and stages in their life, as a mother, daughter, sister or even a friend. My main focus is to channel my emotions into what I’m creating, to achieve the right expressions in my whimsical faces and get that distinctive feel to the painting.

My paintings have been displayed at Art Divano Gallery & Boutique Bahrain, at World Art Dubai 2018 Exhibition and a few are currently on display at Art Smiley Art Gallery Dubai.


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